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Teacher, Manager, Instructor (TMI)

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Program Description:

The Teacher, Manager, Instructor program consists of learning all aspects of the teaching profession. This includes course outlining and developing, teaching principles, student learning principles, lesson planning, basic teaching methods, teaching aids, classroom management, classroom problems, and various other subjects. This program will prepare graduates for an entry level in the education field.

Program Goals:

  1. Students will receive an education in both theory and practical skills and gain knowledge in all phases of instructing.
  2. To prepare students to successfully pass the state board examination
  3. To prepare students to work in a professional hairstyling salon as a licensed barber/hair designer
  4. To perform in barber/hair stylist related occupations
  5. To develop an awareness of their professional responsibilities to both the clients and employer/employee relationships and effective communications skills.

Program Format: (Instructional Techniques and Methods):

  1. Program outlines and lesson plans
  2. Lectures
  3. Practical demonstrations
  4. Audio- visual materials
  5. Mannequin and live model practical and clinic workshops
  6. Written and practical evaluations